The Strong Consolation of Imputation

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Reformed theology teaches, following Scripture, that justification includes double imputation: Christ’s righteousness is imputed to those who believe, and their sin is imputed to him (Is. 53:4-6, Rom. 4:1-10 2 Cor. 5.21, etc.)  In The Golden Key, Thomas Brooks discusses justification and imputation clearly.  Then he asks the pastoral question: “What strong consolations flow from this fountain – the imputed righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ?”  Below is an edited summary of his faith-strengthening answers.

First, let all believers know for their comfort, that in this imputed righteousness of Christ there is enough to satisfy the justice of God to the uttermost penny, and to remove all his judicial anger and fury.  When a believer casts his eyes upon his many thousand sinful commissions and omissions, no wonder he fears and trembles.  But then, when he looks upon Christ’s satisfaction, he may see himself acquitted, and rejoice.  For if…

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