Deuteronomy Study Resources

Kline_MeredithMeredith Kline’s commentary on Deuteronomy from the Wycliffe Bible Commentary is available here:





This also appears to be a helpful resource for the study of Deuteronomy:

One can also divide the revelation in this book according to the general arrangement of
the typical form of a suzerain-vassal treaty that was common in the ancient Near East.15
I. Preamble: Covenant mediator 1:1-5
II. Historical prologue: Covenant history 1:6—4:49
III. Stipulations: Covenant life chs. 5—26
A. The Great Commandment chs. 5—11
B. Ancillary commandments chs. 12—26
IV. Sanctions: Covenant ratification chs. 27—30
V. Dynastic disposition: Covenant continuity chs. 31—34

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