Joyce Meyer: The “Gospel” of Self Righteousness & Prosperity

Sola Dei Gloria

Late last night I read this article at the Christian Post and honestly felt sick by the time I finished it: Joyce Meyer Opens Up about Brother’s Tragic Death

If time permits read it all for yourself; afterward go to Internet Monk and read Chaplain Mike’s opinion: The Bad News of Self-Righteousness

What Joyce Meyer revealed at the C3 Conference frankly reveals more to me about her then it does her deceased brother.

Meyer said she learned about her brother’s death after Los Angeles authorities called her in December, about a week after Christmas, to inform her that they found him dead in an abandoned building in the city. He had been dead 30 days and his body was so badly decomposed that authorities needed his dental records to identify him…

A few days ago, she received his cremated ashes and a few personal effects that included a pocket knife…

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