Forgiving Those Who Don’t Seek It?

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Product Details Andrew and I recently discussed the tough issue of how to forgive someone who hasn’t sought forgiveness.  In other words, how can a Christian forgive someone who has never asked to be forgiven?  What do you do if someone has very obviously sinned against you in a big way but hasn’t tried to make things right?  This issue will be handled a bit differently depending upon whether the person is a Christian or an unbeliever, whether the person is under church discipline or not, etc.  I appreciate how Ken Sande talks about this topic in chapter ten of The Peacemaker.

“When an offense is too serious to overlook and the offender has not yet repented, you may need to approach forgiveness as a two-stage process.  The first stage requires having an attitude of forgiveness, and the second, granting forgiveness.”

“Having an attitude of forgiveness is unconditional and is a…

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