Why Work is Law-Centered, Not Gospel-Centered, and Why the Distinction is Important

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When we present work, which is a law-centered activity, as a gospel-centered activity, we do people a serious disservice and invite cynicism and disillusionment on both the part of the worker and the consumer of goods and services.

Why? Because the only way that you can be truly “gospel-centered” in your work is if someone else is seriously subsidizing you:

(1) You work a low-paying job but still live well and have plenty of time, energy and money to give because you have:

(A) Inherited money
(B) A spouse supporting you
(C) Parents supporting you

(2) You work for a church, a charity, a government … or a “ministry” like The Gospel Coalition, in which case you are being supported by either

(A) the people in (1) above, or
(B) People making their living in the capitalistic marketplace

(3) You have a special skill (say as an artist or…

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