Beware Of Those Who Never Admit Fault

Very helpful thoughts on abuse…

The Reformed Reader  Over the years I’ve met people who would never admit when they were wrong or if they were at fault.  If they did something wrong or even sinful, they would make excuses, blame other people, play the victim, or simply deny wrongdoing altogether. It’s like the alcoholic who totally denies he has a problem and blames his wife for accusing him.  Since there is no true acknowledgement of sin/error, there is no true sorrow or repentance for sin/error.  It’s an ugly picture.

When a five-year-old child denies doing something wrong, that’s one thing.  But when someone who is more mature never admits fault it is clear sign of pride and it shows that the person does not understand the pervasiveness of sin in his or her own heart.  In fact, the more I meet people who never admit fault and never apologize, the more I am very cautious around…

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Author: Brad

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